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The strong business expertise and technology are making of INFORMANS a senior partner, able to accompany clients on their strategic choices and their major projects in the fields of finance, electronic banking, payment systems and trade and social issues.

This expertise is available through the various clusters of INFORMANS ranging from strategic consulting to implementation of application solutions.

INFORMANS provides answers in the following areas:

  • Consulting on development strategies, business models and their application
  • Consulting in the management and project management
  • Providing Services and Application Solutions

This unique positioning allows INFORMANS to propose a global offer. The tender tips of INFORMANS are to the Medium and Large Businesses such as financial institutions, administrative, publishers and software providers.

INFORMANS also offers solutions and provides services to the Medium and Large Businesses and financial institutions as a solution in Cloud flow management for SMEs. Informans global offer

The strategic rethinking of the means of payment in EUROPE

Significant impact on information systems

SEPA (Single European Payments Area) is an area where individuals, businesses and other economic actors can make or receive payments in euros in the same country or between two countries in this area, with equal rights and equal obligations.

SEPA requires banks and companies using XML UNIFI (Universal Financial Industry) in their electronic exchanges
This harmonization of trade between players SEPA has an important impact in the information systems business.

These new formats are the standard of EDI with the banks and gradually replacing the current formats of transfers or withdrawals. Migration SEPA

In France the technical ending of the X25 network planned for September 2011 with the replacement of protocols 3 and 5 to EBICS T / TS or SWIFT Net protocols as well as changes in standards for data files to the bank fixed CFONB UNIFI XML 20022 caused migration of necessary information systems and trading platforms.

The implementation of SEPA technical and organizational impact on business. However, this strategic shift also opens the way for new value added services. To provide opportunities for businesses to grow : dematerialization, automation and optimization of manual tasks in the fields:

  • E invoicing
  • E reconciliation
  • Dematerialization of Financial flow ...

Similar projects related to the dematerialization of administrative and accounting are becoming more and more critical with a number of identical issues (Electronic Signature, trading platform, Archiving Legal ....)

The evolution of the ETEBAC 5 electronic signature to an electronic signature based on the standards of the Internet world opens the way for a multi use business and streamlined the essential function in the process of dematerialisation.

These flows are a mass of important information for which dematerialization address several economic issues:

  • Lower costs (paper and storage)
  • Reduced management cycles
  • Streamlining flows through standardization of trade
  • Security

All services of a company are concerned: Finance Department, Human Resources Division (payslips ...), Executive Offices (reports, projects), legal services, purchasing department.

In this context INFORMANS is able to assist companies, publishers, financial institutions, integrators and IT departments in their strategic choices and their major projects.

INFORMANS will help you in analyzing and optimizing your business and financial value chain.

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